Defence Personal Injury

Sometimes accidents cannot be avoided even with the  best health and safety policies and processes in place.  For example, a staff member may leave a hazard without putting up appropriate signage to warn other members of staff.  Machinery or a vehicle may become faulty without notice which may result in injury to staff and in most tragic circumstances sometimes death.  In such circumstances, the key really is to take legal advice swiftly so that we can assess your company’s procedures and ensure that it properly deals with a response to the complaint/claim received.

Specialist advice

If appropriate action is not taken quickly, depending upon the injury, director’s may become personally liable and they may also face criminal prosecution.   We have a strong network of consultant solicitors on hand to assist offering reasonable and competitive rates.   We can quickly help you to identify exactly which next steps are required and handle your case for you to try and limit your company’s exposure.  You can either call us on 07535 625 178 or make a free enquiry at [email protected] and we’ll call you.