3 ways to get swift settlement from a supplier if they do not deliver.

Upset that your supplier did not deliver? Here are 3 ways to get clarity and swift settlement.

3 ways to get swift settlement from a supplier if they do not deliver

Imagine the following example.

Trevor’s company installs bespoke, made to order windows, for his customers.  Trevor purchases the windowpanes and frames etc from an external company.  One of Trevor’s customers requested stain glassed windows and was very particular about the colours required.   Unfortunately, Trevor’s supplier delivered the wrong colour and Trevor is now unable to deliver on time.  Trevor urgently needs to get the right colour windows to complete his contract with his customer.

Going straight to Court would not be recommended as it will not result in a swift resolution and it will also be expensive. There are various steps that can be taken first, called “dispute resolution” that may result in Trevor resolving matters amicably enabling him to move forward in the most time and cost-effective manner.

  1. Negotiation – try speaking to the supplier who has failed to deliver.  Can alternative arrangements be agreed, if so, how quickly and at what cost?
  2. Confidential meeting – If you still have a good relationship with the supplier, meet with them on a confidential basis to try and agree a way forward. 
  3. Mediation – This is a process where the parties to a dispute are assisted by a specialist person called a “mediator” who is trained in helping resolving disputes. 

Sometimes parties to a dispute need a hand identifying all the issues and to reach an agreement on how best to move forward. 

Sometimes, the relationship between parties has completely broken down and they need help to communicate in an effective way to reach resolution.

We have decades of experience supporting our clients to reach settlements and if you need help with a dispute, I’d be happy to have a free no obligation chat to help you reach resolution too. 

If this sounds good, contact us and we can arrange a date and time that is convenient for you.

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