What is Dispute Resolution?

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What is dispute resolution?

Let’s take a step back and look at what a legal dispute is first.

A legal dispute is a disagreement or an argument between two or more about a legal issue.  Here are a few examples of legal disputes.

A-Z Ltd contract with Bud Ltd for Bud Ltd to supply and fit lifts in a commercial building.  Bud Ltd supply and fit the lifts but A-Z say they were not to the specifications agreed.  The two disagree and a legal dispute arises.

Gelfore Getty Ltd subcontracts Corp Construction Ltd to lay fibre optic cables.  A change of verbal instructions while undertaking the works leads to the cables being laid different to that in the contract specification.   The two disagree and a legal dispute arises.

PTC Global takes on an executive member of staff who promises to bring millions of pounds of revenue with them. PTC Global in reliance on the documents received, invest to expand their business only to later find that the executive staff member misled them.  The two disagree and a legal dispute arises.

Good Food Inc. supplies a delicious catering service for the local council’s annual staff event, but it’s been at least 3 months, and Good Food’s invoice remains unpaid. The council says that they required a hot 3-course meal, but they only received entrees and cold food platters. Good Food say they delivered what was agreed and to budget. The two disagree and a legal dispute arises.

So how do these businesses move forward?  They can attempt dispute resolution.

Dispute resolution is a legal term given to describe the process of resolving a disagreement or argument.

What types of dispute resolution could they try?  Here are 3:-

Round table negotiations – the parties meet round the table to try and agree a way forward.

Mediation – the parties meet assisted by a trained mediator to try and agree terms of settlement.

Arbitration – the parties give the dispute to a trained mediator who will consider and provide a decision that both parties agree they will follow.


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