Dispute Resolution

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Contract Disputes

Contract disputes

Helping you to resolve a contract dispute.

Negligence Disputes


Helping you to resolve a negligence dispute.

Land & Property Disputes

Land and Property Dispute

Helping you to resolve a land and/or property dispute.

Business Disputes

Business dispute

Helping you to resolve a business dispute.

What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution is a legal term given to describe the process of resolving or deciding disputes.

Stage 1.



We fully investigate, help you gather your evidence and then set out your case in a letter of claim to your opponent.  Your opponent then has the chance to accept or defend the claim.

Stage 2.

Attempt settlement.

We assist you to try and settle your case by negotiating on your behalf.

Stage 3.

Court assistance.

Only if an agreement cannot be reached will we discuss your option to seek assistance from the court.  We will support you throughout the court process, ensuring that we always remain open, transparent, and clear in relation to costs.