Contract Disputes

What is a Contract Dispute?

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What is a Contract Dispute?


Firstly, lets go back to basics. 

What is a contract?

A contract is a legally binding promise, either written or verbal, that is made by one party to fulfill an obligation to another in return for consideration.

What is consideration?

Consideration is payment, in any form, under a contract.  Any value can be considered good consideration though, including any action, in action, or a promise.

A contract dispute occurs when parties to a contract disagree. 

For example, a supplier may agree to supply its product in return for a fee.  The purchaser may say that the product is faulty or that it is not of good quality.  The supplier may disagree, saying it has produced exactly what the purchaser paid for and the dispute would arise. 

How can you resolve a contract dispute?

The way to resolve a dispute is to first pull together new evidence.   This exercise should be carefully undertaken to ensure that no crucial evidence is lost.  Then, your claim should be prepared and sent to your opponent giving them sufficient time to respond.  You can work with us to help you formulate your evidence and your claim to build a robust case. 

Your opponent may either accept what you say having reviewed your case and the evidence that you have presented or they may continue to dispute it.  

If the case is still disputed, we can help you to try and resolve the dispute by negotiating on your behalf, attending mediation with you or by supporting you through the court system.

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