What is a Business Disputes

What is a Business Dispute?

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What is a Business Dispute?

A business dispute can be about any disagreement between two or more businesses.  The disagreement is usually over the terms agreed for the businesses to work together or the quality of the goods or services provided.

Examples of business disputes

Sometimes, businesses may agree to work together without properly setting out the agreed terms in a written contract document.

Businesses may have agreed to work together, and both sent their terms out.  They then continue to work together, but when a disagreement ensues, whose terms will prevail.

A business may make several claims that it can deliver various things but when it comes down to delivering they are unable to potentially causing significant loss to the other business that had faith in and relied heavily on what they had been sold.

Business disputes can cost companies hundreds of thousands or millions/billions of pounds.  It is therefore important to work with an experienced law firm as soon as possible to try and minimise loss and agree a resolution swiftly if possible.

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