Land and Property disputes

What is a Land and Property Dispute?

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What is a Land and Property Dispute?

A land and property dispute can occur when two or more people or organisations fall out over an issue to do with the land or property in question.

Examples of land and property disputes

Neighbour fall outs

Neighbours may fall out over various things.  One neighbour may have maintained land faithfully for numerous years only to find out that next door say they actually own the land and they want it back.    The neighbour who had been maintaining the land for numerous years may have a claim in adverse possession.

A neighbour may behave in such an unreasonable manner that they make it incredibly difficult, hard and upsetting for their adjoining neighbours.  The adjoining neighbours may have a harassment claim.

Landlord and tenant fall outs

A landlord may be incredibly concerned that a tenant is failing to comply with repair obligations.  A tenant may be anxious that they have received a Section 146 notice and that their landlord is trying to evict them.

Trustee fall outs

Trustees of land may be concerned that others are not acting in the best interest of the majority.  The Trustees may wish to take action to protect the land but they are unsure what steps to take.

Homeowner fall outs

A homeowner may sell part of their land to another family, but that other family simply refuses to comply with important restrictions.  Or the family who purchase the adjoining property may be incredibly concerned that their freedoms are being restricted or that they are being harassed.

A homeowner may have purchased their property relying on information given to them by the seller but after the sale has gone through, they realise that the seller lied in the forms they filled out.  The result of the sellers untruths results in the property not being worth as much causing the homeowner significant loss.

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