5 steps to get your property back.

Is your tenant not paying the rent?

Are you anxious and alone?

Feel supported by implementing these 5 staged processes to get your property back today!

1.      Communicate.

Speak to your tenant to understand their situation, concerns, and/or problems.  You may find that a solution can be found without needing to go to court.

2.      Provide a reminder.

If communication does not work, you could write to your tenant next to remind them that the rent is overdue. 

3.      Seek assistance from the court.

If the tenant still fails to pay, take legal advice to understand the type of tenancy agreement that you have in place and the options that are available to you. 

4.      Eviction Notice.

If the tenant still refuses to pay, you can go ahead and provide them with a formal eviction notice.  Again, the ideal would be for you to take legal advice so that you can ensure the right notice is given.

5.      Get your property back.

Once all legal procedures are completed, you can finally get your property back. Yeah!

If you would like an informal chat about any of the information in this post, contact us, and we can arrange a time that works best for you.

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