5 tips before the eviction process.

Need to get your property back? Don’t panic! Feel safe and assured.

5 things to consider before you start the eviction process.

Imagine the following fictional story.

Sally got married in 2003 after which she moved out of her flat in Surrey Quays, London and purchased a house with her husband in Putney, London.  However, now, the cost-of-living crisis has had a knock-on effect on Sally and her husband financially.  Further, interest rate rises have resulted in a hike to Sally’s mortgage repayments for her flat and now her mortgage repayments outweigh the rental income.

Sally and a husband have decided to downsize.  They wish to sell their house and move into the flat as soon as possible.

Here are 5 steps that Sally and her husband must take before they start the eviction process.

  1. Check the type of agreement entered with the tenant.   Is there a minimum term within the agreement that the tenant must be allowed to have before an eviction notice can be given?
  2. Obtain the EPC for the property.
  3. Ensure that the Gas safety certificate for the flat is in date.  Remember, by law landlords must carry out an annual gas safety check and provide tenants with a copy.
  4. Check the electrical safety certificate is in date.  Remember, landlords have a legal requirement to have the electrical installation inspected and tested at intervals of no longer then every 5 years.
  5. Obtain evidence that you properly protected your tenants deposit in a deposit protection scheme.

If a landlord starts the eviction process without first following all the prescribed steps, at best the eviction may be delayed or at worse the landlord may have to start the process all over again.

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