A “tech-savvy” English Legal System?
Tech Savvy

August 8, 2017

Are the English courts really ready for this? 

The Court released a paper “Justice Matters” and in it they detail their proposals.

Here is a summary of what’s to come:-

Probate, Divorce  and Civil Litigation cases will move to an on-line process.


The proposal is a joined up system for the courts, police and prosecutors;

Video link trials:-

  • To enable victims to give evidence where they feel safe!
  • Prisoners may not have to be moved

Non-payment of transport fares – an online process where users can log on, see evidence, accept convictions and pay a fine online.

How will the Courts do all of this?

  1. Sell existing buildings not in use;
  2. Renovate buildings that are in use;
  3. Create online hearing centres to handle least serious cases;
  4. Have a customer support service centre;
  5. Open courts for longer and at weekends;
  6. Video technology for customers to attend hearings to give evidence;
  7. Enable an online system for financial assistance applications. 
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