Anxious and need to get your property back from a troublesome tenant?

Here are 5 tips to help you get back your peace of mind!

1.      Know your rights.

Understanding your legal rights as a landlord is crucial.

Here are some questions for you to consider: –

What type of legal arrangement do you have with your tenant? Are they a tenant or a lodger?

What type of eviction notice can be given?

Must you wait a period before giving your tenant an eviction notice?

2.      Keep records.

Document every interaction with your tenant. This includes letters, emails, text messages, and any other form of communication. Having a detailed record of all communications can be helpful if you need assistance from the Court.

3.      Communicate effectively.

Always respectfully communicate with your tenant. This is especially important when dealing with a troublesome tenant. If a tenant behaves unreasonably, take a minute, breathe, and respond only when you feel calm.

If you can, resolve issues amicably and as quickly as possible.  

4.      Stay calm and patient.

Dealing with a troublesome tenant can be stressful. It’s essential to stay patient and calm throughout the process. Remember, every situation is unique. While these tips help you navigate the process, consider seeking professional advice to ensure you get it right.

5.      Get help from a solicitor.

If the situation becomes too difficult, consider getting help from a solicitor as soon as possible. An experienced solicitor can guide you through eviction and ensure you follow the proper legal process and procedure.

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