Landlord and Tenant – Harassment!

As a landlord, you should watch out for a potential claim from your tenant against you!  

Even if your tenant has failed to pay the rent, if you threaten to disconnect utilities to the property, attend the property without notice and/or change the locks, your tenant may have a claim against you for harassment.

Other types of harassment may include sending numerous threatening text messages and calling a tenant excessively.

All your tenant must do is demonstrate that there have been at least three occasions where they have been harassed and they may begin the process to get an injunction against you.  

They may also seek an order that you pay them damages (a sum of money).

So be very careful in the way that you conduct yourself throughout the tenancy.

Always be polite in both your written and oral communications with your tenant.  

Written communications include text messages, Whatsapp messages and social media too. All communications are open to scrutiny if necessary.

At Johnson May solicitors we help our landlords to get their properties back from terrible tenants. We are based in Beckenham and London City but we service clients throughout England.

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