Will you be paid for your service?

A business is born. At the outset, it invests some time and money in establishing its terms and conditions.

Over time, its business processes and procedures evolve, but it often does not review its terms and conditions, which quickly become out of date.

When was the last time that you reviewed your business contract/terms and conditions?

It is important to check that your business terms reflect your current practices. If they do not, they may not properly protect you if you need to rely on them in the future.

For example, a web development agency starts building websites and hosting them but overtime it also begins to offer SEO services as a bolt on.  The SEO services are never included in the business’ terms and so instead of revisiting then, an email is sent loosely setting out what will be done.  When it comes to the business getting paid for its service, its customer disputes the price and the work that has done. 

However, prevention is better than cure!  If you have not reviewed your business terms for a while do so as soon as possible to make sure that your business is properly protected.  It is always more expensive and time-intensive to try and sort matters after.

If you have a customer who has not paid you for your help, Johnson May Solicitors offers low fixed fees to help our clients recover debt. We are based in Beckenham and London City, but we service clients throughout England.

If you’d like a no obligation chat, contact us on 020 8150 7173 or by email to [email protected].

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