3 must haves before the eviction process.

Landlords, need to get your property back? Don’t panic! Feel safe and assured.

3 things to consider before starting the eviction process.

  1. Legal notice

Can you legally serve a notice?

Have a look at the agreement that you signed with your tenant.  Is there a minimum term that your tenant can enjoy living at your property for before you can give them notice to leave?

If you give your tenant notice when you are not legally entitled to, it may mean that your notice is invalid and you will have to start the process again.

  • Deposit

Did you take a deposit from your tenant at the start of the tenancy agreement? If so, did you protect it in a lawful tenancy deposit scheme? 

If you did not protect your tenants deposit properly, your tenant could have a claim against you for up to three times their deposit.  This could be an expensive mistake.

  • Any repairs needed?

Have you kept your property in a good state of repair?

If not, has your tenant complained to the council and have you have been served with an improvement notice?

If you do not comply with an improvement notice before you start the eviction process, your eviction notice may be invalid, and you may have to start the process again.

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