“no-fault” evictions being abolished soon?

How do you feel about Section 21 “no-fault” evictions being abolished soon?

Put simply, if the Government’s proposals get Royal Assent and the court system is ready to implement the changes, the plan will be for tenancies to continue without a specific end date. So, tenants will be able to stay in their home until they decide to leave by giving two months’ notice or the landlord, after the first six months of the tenancy, provides a valid ground to take back their property.

To raise the rent landlords will first have to complete a prescribed form and if the tenant has concerns, the tenant may challenge the proposed increase in the tribunal.

If a landlord wishes to get their property back, they will need to provide a judge with evidence that a selected ground is met.  The grounds will fall into two specific categories “mandatory” or “discretionary”.

For a mandatory ground, a Judge must let a landlord have their property back if they are able to evidence that the ground is met.

For a discretionary ground, a Judge will be allowed to consider whether it is reasonable for a landlord to get their property back even if the ground is met.

As a landlord, are you concerned about the proposed changes? If so, then I can help, send me a direct message.

We are preparing a guide to help landlords and if you would like a copy once it is ready, please email us and we will send you a copy.

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