5 tips to Evict a tenant without a tenancy agreement.

Have you let someone move into a property you own without a tenancy agreement? 

Are they now causing a nuisance and you would very much like them to leave. 

Have you already asked them to leave but they just won’t go?

You have no tenancy agreement because the arrangement was supposed to be short term.  You are feeling taken advanage off, lost and upset, and quite frankly, you’re in a panic. What should you do?

Below are 5 tips on how to evict a tenant without a tenancy agreement.

Tip 1 – What did you agree with the tenant?

As you did not enter into a written tenancy agreement with your tenant, it is important to carefully try and recall what you agreed.  For example, did you agree that your tenant would pay to stay in your property? Did you agree how long your tenant could stay in your property?

Tip 2 –  Do you share the same space as the tenant or are they in a separate annexe?

If you share the same space as the tenant it may be more difficult for your tenant to argue that they have a secured tenancy.  The exact circumstances should be carefully considered in accordance with the law before a decision to evict is made.

Tip 3 –  Do you provide any services to the tenant?

Do you provide clean bedding, toiletry, food, and/or beverages?

Tip 4 –  Written notice

You can provide the tenant with a written notice asking him to leave your property on a specific date. 

Tip 5 – Take professional legal advice

If the tenant will not leave the property voluntarily, it is strongly recommended that you take legal advice as it is an offence to evict without a court order or to harass a person to leave.

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