New Year Goal – invoice unpaid? 5 tips to get paid.

Raised an invoice in 2023. Is your invoice unpaid? Here are 5 tips to help: –

Tip 1

Regular follow-ups.

    Keep in contact and send friendly reminders.  Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.  Is there a reason why your invoice is unpaid?  Try to find out what that reason is so that steps can be taken to get your invoice paid.

    Tip 2

    Keep the communications professional and polite.

    It can feel very frustrating when your invoice has not been paid.  Feelings of anger can emerge, especially when you have worked in good faith, but it is always best to remain professional and polite in your communications.  No one likes to deal with a rude person.  It also will not bode well if a Judge must read profanity.

    Tip 3


    Keep track of all invoices sent and when they should be paid.   Set parameters and do not let established relationships cloud your judgment on proceeding.  You have a business to run at the end of the day.

    Tip 4

    Review your payment terms moving forward.

    You can learn from your experiences. Has the way you do busy evolved? Do your terms align with the changes or do they need a review? 

    Tip 5

    Legal advice.

    If you have an unpaid invoice, consider taking legal advice from a debt collection solicitor who can help you take legal action.

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