5 tips to get your property back.

Anxious and need to get your property back? 5 tips to help you progress.

1.Check the law

What type of agreement do you have in place?  A lodger agreement? An Assured Shorthold Tenancy? Is there a period that must pass before you can serve an eviction notice?  If you are unsure, you should take legal advice because if you do not comply with the law your eviction notice could be invalid.

2.Document everything

Keep detailed records of every interaction related to your property. This could include phone calls, emails, or meetings. Evidence is key in any legal matter.

3.Stay Calm and Composed

It’s easy to get frustrated in these situations but it’s important to remain calm regardless.  So if you get a rude text, take time to compose yourself before responding.  Wait until the next day if a response is not urgently needed.  Staying calm will help you make better decisions and will portray you positively should you need help from the Court in the future.

4.Seek Professional Help

Do not try to handle everything on your own.  Can an estate agent help you with management giving you some protection.  Work with a lawyer so that you can get the process right.

5.Be Patient

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of Courts are still experiencing delays.  Be patient and no not be discouraged. We are always here to help you navigate through the process.   We are on your side.

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