Feeling stressed about a late invoice? Get your invoice paid.
Debt recovery

October 25, 2023

Feeling like a rabbit caught in the headlights when it comes to getting a late invoice paid? Get real progress with this simple checklist.

1.Prompt invoicing.

Send your invoice out promptly with a copy of your terms and conditions.

2.Confirm safe receipt of your invoice.

Make sure the right person or department has received the invoice. It never hurts to re-confirm.

3.Send a reminder.

Send a polite reminder before the due date to remind your customer to pay on time.

4.Follow Up.

If your invoice hasn’t been paid by the due date, it’s time to follow up. A polite reminder can often encourage the payment.   Call your customer if possible and follow up by email.

5.Know your Rights.

If your invoice has not been paid, instruct a lawyer to take the necessary steps to recover the debt for you.

We regularly help business owners get late invoices paid, and the best news is, to limit your risk, you can engage us to assist you, paying low fixed fees as you go, or you can hand the entire debt to us for recovery, and we’ll agree only to be paid if you are.

Make a free enquiry. Call us on 020 8150 7171, email [email protected] or complete our Free Online Enquiry for a free, no-obligation discussion and let us explain your legal rights and options.

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